Connie Jo Ferguson

Connie Jo has been dancing most of her life. Originally, her interests were in studying ballet and modern jazz in a small town in northwest Michigan. She moved to Ann Arbor

in the mid 70's and continued her dance studies and began teaching ballet and jazz at various Ann Arbor studios. In 1978, she saw the Green Grass Cloggers at the Wheatland Music Festival and was instantly hooked on traditional old-time clogging and old-time string band music. Her interests in clogging lead her on the percussive dance path, studying English step dance, as well as Irish and French Canadian styles, and of course,

TAP. When she is not at her full time job as a test engineer at Lotus Engineering in Ann Arbor, she enjoys dancing at Randazzo Dance, teaching classes here that there, and attending music festivals. For many years she has taught tap at Dance Arts of Chelsea and jazz in Ann Arbor at the Cultural Arts Building. She also continues her tap training by taking trips to study with some of the great teachers around the country.

Currently, Connie teaches Tap/Clogging and Jazz for Randazzo Dance, and also helps with Sole Full of Rhythm performances.