Griffen Walton

Griffen has been a tap student of Sara Randazzo at Randazzo Dance since the age of 9. He was always eager to be trained and picked up tap quickly. Before long Griffen began assisting Sara teach some of her tap classes. Griffen has traveled to New York City and Chicago to train with many of the great tap dancers such as Brenda Bufalino, Josh Hilberman and Samuel Smith.

Being allowed to grow and develop his own unique style, Griffen has used tap as a way to express his creativity. He appreciates all types of music, especially jazz and gospel. While rhythm tap has been his primary passion, he has also taken jazz and some ballet, and enjoys playing the drums and piano. In his free time, Griffen participates in basket ball and weight training his favorite sports. He is a senior at Belleville High. He is a minster at Christ Temple Church.