New to dance? New to Randazzo Dance?

“I/my child is new to the dance world. What do we need to know?”

Welcome! We’re excited you’ve decided to take dance lessons with us and are looking forward to instructing you in your dance form(s) of choice. Below you will find tutorials for how to put hair into a bun, the best place to buy dance apparel locally, and what taking dance classes is like at Randazzo.

Check out this video tutorial about how to put you or your child’s hair up into a bun. No doubt you’ve seen this iconic hairstyle atop a dancer’s head before. We ask that you wear your hair this way to eliminate distractions and possible injuries (we know, this sounds silly, but getting flicked in the eye by a ponytail is a real thing!).

There are many places to buy dance apparel online, but we are also lucky to have a very good local dance apparel and shoe store. Many of our dancers and teachers visit Dancer’s Boutique at 355 S Zeeb RD, STE C, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 for their apparel and footwear needs. You’ll find dress code specifications listed in our Parent/Student agreement for more information on specific items to purchase. Questions about brands or preferences can be directed to you/your child’s teacher.

We are a studio that welcomes dancers of all ages and ability and we strive to help you to reach your individual goals, pre-professional or otherwise.  Our reputation is based on preserving the art forms of classical ballet and traditional tap and jazz, however our scope has shifted to include many more dance genres, such as modern, lyrical, and hip hop.  

We encourage our students to gain experience and exposure in as many dance styles as possible, and promise to offer thorough and effective training in all of our classes. Our teachers have been selected with the upmost attention paid to training and experience, and form a well-rounded team working for together to help you reach your goals.

“My child is a transfer student with previous dance experience. How do you place her/him in the appropriate level?”

Your child will either meet with a staff member or attend a trial class to assess his or her current skill level and appropriate class placement. We will continue to examine your child during his or her first class to ensure proper placement and will discuss further options for class placement if necessary.

“My child is transferring in the middle of a semester. Can he/she begin classes right away? Can he/she be in the showcase performances?”

We are always accepting new students into our classes, unless the class has already reached capacity. Participation in the spring showcase for late-starting students is determined on a case-by-case basis. To determine your child’s eligibility please contact one of the directors.


“Does Randazzo offer dance classes over the summer?”

We offer an additional six-week spring semester with a reduced class schedule that runs through June. We also offer a one-week summer intensive for Ballet 1 through Advanced students in late August to prepare them for the fall. This intensive provides classes for ballet technique, pointe for applicable participants, jazz, modern, and Pilates.

“Is it necessary for my child to dance over their summer vacation in order to advance at a typical pace?”

For younger dancers it is not necessary. We typically see dancers being interested in summer programs starting between ages 10-12 and do recommend summer programs for dancers that are seriously interested in dancing professionally or in college. For more information on summer programs and intensives see your child’s teacher, one of the studio directors, or ask the office coordinator for more information.

 “Do I need to stay in the building while my child is in class?”

We ask that parents of children 4 and under remain in the building while your child is in class. If your child is older it is fine if you leave, though we ask that you return promptly at the end of class to pick up your child.

“When is a student ready to go en pointe? What is the process for getting pointe shoes?”

The age at which a child is ready for pointe shoes is dependent on many factors to be reviewed by the Ballet Director before the student is allowed to purchase pointe shoes. The factors we consider are: experience, muscular and skeletal development, strength and stamina, and to a lesser extent age. When the Ballet Director feels the student is ready for pointe work the student will be invited to a Dancer’s Boutique pointe shoe fitting in the company of the Ballet Director.

“What is the typical class size?”

Class size varies widely from level to level and between dance styles. We are very conscious of the necessity of each student to receive individualized instruction and correction, and cap our classes accordingly. For larger classes, especially with younger students, we will hire a class assistant to demonstrate exercises and aid the primary teacher in providing instruction and corrections.

Cancellations and Missing Class

“Does the studio ever close due to weather or other conditions?”

We follow the Ann Arbor Public Schools weather closings. If we have to close for any other reason, we will notify you as soon as possible.

“If my child is sick or misses class for any other reason, can she/he make it up?”

We encourage our students to make up classes they have missed in the same or similar-level class. Please ask your child’s instructor or one of the Directors for guidance on which class your child can use to make up.

“What is your vacation schedule?”

We follow the Ann Arbor Public Schools vacation schedule as it pertains to seasonal breaks. We will remain open on holidays such as Martin Luther King Day even when the schools are closed. We also remain open on professional development days and when the Ann Arbor Public Schools have half days.

Class Offerings

“What is the difference between Pre-Ballet and ballet?”

Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet lay the foundation for more intensive ballet coursework. Our Pre-Ballet classes focus on introducing technique and stage presence and developing artistic sensibilities in a nurturing, enjoyable, and disciplined environment.

“How long does the Pre-Ballet program take to complete?”

The Pre-Ballet program typically takes five years to complete. Because every dancer is unique, we work closely with you and your child to ensure certain milestones have been reached before proceeding onto the next level.

“Does Randazzo provide competition opportunities?”

Yes. If your child is interested in competition opportunities please ask the front desk for more information.


“What happens if I make a late payment? Is there a penalty or fee?”

There is a $25 late fee that will be applied to your account automatically for accounts not paid in full the first week of class of each semester.

“Do you offer payment plans for tuition?”

We encourage you to communicate any financial concerns with us so we can establish a payment plan agreement if necessary. All payment plans require the approval of the Directors and include a $10 fee for each partial payment.

“My child is beginning classes in the middle of a semester. Do you prorate tuition?”

                  Yes, tuition will be prorated if your child begins in the middle of the semester.

“Do you offer discounts or price breaks?”

                  Yes. See the Tuition Rates page for more information.