Dancer Dress Code


Jewelry Policy: No jewelry or watches in classes, rehearsals, or performances
with the exception of small ear studs.

Hair Policy: Hair must be pulled back from the face in a bun above the neckline.

Female Students

Creative Movement: Light pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, optional
pink skirts.

Pre Ballet: Light pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, optional pink skirts.

Ballet Levels 1-3: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.

Ballet Levels 4-6: Any dark colored leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.

Tap, Hip-Hop/Musical Theater/Jazz: Black leotard or dark-colored camisole top,
black pants, black tap or jazz shoes.

Lyrical: Leotard, footless tights (ballet pink or flesh colored) or leggings, lyrical
shoes, hair in a bun.

Pilates: Non-restrictive clothing that permits instructor to assess body
placement (no bulky sweats). Please bring an exercise mat for Pilates classes.

Male Students

Ballet: White T-shirt, black tights, black ballet shoes.

Tap/Hip-Hop/Musical Theater/Lyrical/Jazz: Black pants, white T-shirt and black
tap or jazz shoes. For lyrical wear lyrical shoes.

Parent/Student Agreement

Parent/Guardian & Student/Dancer Agreement

This Agreement applies to all Randazzo Dance Studio’s in-studio activities and Performance related activities the Student/Dancer & Parent/Guardian is enrolled in and/or participate in from the first class of the Fall Semester to the start of the following year’s Fall Semester.


Registration, Tuition & Costume Payment Policy

1. Registration

  1. Visit the Randazzo website at and click on the“Registration” link, or go directly to https://dancestudio- randazzodance to register and pay for classes and costumes.

  2. Parents and students are encouraged to register and set up a student account on-line. This allows access to view any account activity and account balances.

2. Registration Fee & Tuition Payments

  1. We accept payment in cash, check or VISA, MasterCard, and Discover at the studio.

  2. When registering on-line, a convenience fee of 2% of the total tuition will be added to the tuition payment.

  3. A non-refundable registration fee in the amount of 30.00 is due upon registration.

  4. Randazzo Dance offers discounts (see “Tuition Rates”) for multiple classes, intensive programs, etc. The discounts are applied to the total tuition at time of registration. The student must complete and pay for all registered classes in order to not invalidate the discount that was applied at time of registration. If a student drops one or more classes voluntarily, Randazzo Dance will readjust the discount that was applied at registration, revise the total amount due, and will issue a billing statement for the additional tuition due as a result of the reduced discount.

  5. Tuition is due IN FULL on or before the first class of each semester. The tuition fees listed in the Tuition Rate Schedule is per semester, and is due prior to each semester.

  6. The student or parent/guardian is responsible to make all payments by the start of the semester or otherwise any established due dates. Randazzo Dance WILL NOT ISSUE INVOICES for regularly scheduled payments. A statement will only be issued for all accounts that are PAST DUE. Statements may be issued via

mail or e-mail. The statement will include the stipulated late fees. It is the students or parent/guardian’s responsibility to promptly pay the late fees if added to the account due to late payment.

  1. Enrollment & Refunds

    1. Randazzo dance will discontinue enrollment for classes that have reached their capacity and reserves the right to cancel classes that do not have adequate enrollment. The decision to cancel a class is at the sole discretion of the Directors and will be made before the end of the second week of classes.

    2. If a class is cancelled by Randazzo Dance and no other class options are made available, the tuition for that class will be refunded. The registration fee will also be refunded if the cancelled class was the only class the student was registered for.

    3. No refunds will be allowed if a student decides to discontinue attending a class due to low enrollment, or for any other voluntary or personal reason. A student who wishes to drop a class after the start of the semester, will not receive a refund for the dropped class, but will have the option to request a transfer to a different class during the same semester. Any transfer and class placement must have the approval of the teacher(s) and the Director. Associated tuition adjustments will be determined by the Director on a case by case basis.

    4. The tuition is non-refundable after the start of the semester. Credits will ONLY be given if Randazzo cancels a class, or in the event of a prolonged injury or illness, which prohibits the student from dancing. A doctor’s statement must be
      presented to Randazzo Dance in order to claim class credit for withdrawal due to illness or injury. Credits will not be carried into the following school year. Credits will be prorated. There will be NO credit adjustments for voluntary withdrawal or for classes missed due to the student’s personal schedule. i.e. vacations, sports participation, outside performances, etc. Classes shall be made up in a same level or lower level class as available and the student is responsible for coordinating this with the Instructor for the missed class.

  2. Late Payments & Payment Issues

    1. A $25.00 late fee will be automatically assessed for all accounts not paid in full by the first week of classes.

    2. A $25.00 late fee will be assessed on the 1st of every month for all accounts that have any outstanding balance, including any of the following: unpaid tuition; unpaid costume fees; unpaid registration fees; accumulated late fees; including carry-over balances from previous semesters.

    3. There will be a fee of $35.00 added to the account for all returned checks.

    4. Parents or guardians are encouraged to communicate any financial problems with Randazzo so a payment plan can be worked out if necessary. Payment plans require the approval of the Directors and will include a $10.00 fee for each partial payment.

    5. Accounts that are over 60 days past due the scheduled due date for tuition payments will be subject to increased collection activity including potential dismissal from classes until account is paid current. Accounts that are over 90 days past due may be turned over to a Collection Agency and the student will not be allowed to further participate in classes until the account, including any applicable late fees are paid in full for the balance of the semester. Any external fees (3rd party fees) for collections in addition to the late fees stipulated in this payment policy will be added to the balance due.

  3. Showcase & Costumes

    1. All Ballet Students must complete both the Fall and Winter semester to be eligible to participate in the Spring Showcase. Students who begin classes after the start of the academic year, or who have extended or frequent absences during the year, may be permitted to participate on a case-by-case basis, determined through consultation with the Instructor and the Ballet Director.

    2. Randazzo Showcase costume fees – The costume payment is due November 1st. The costume fee is non-refundable after November 15th. The costume fee is $80.00 per class that participates in the Showcase.

  4. Cancellation of Classes

a. We follow Ann Arbor Public Schools weather closings. There will be no refunds for classes that are cancelled due to weather conditions, Instructor illness, or cancellations due to building problems (i.e. power outages, etc.). Classes shall be made up in a same level or lower level class as available and the student is responsible for coordinating this with the Instructor for the missed class.

Studio Rules of Etiquette and Professional Conduct

We expect, and strongly encourage parents/guardians to support students in striving to attain a high level of professionalism and achievement, and to work in partnership with Randazzo Dance staff members to promote learning and enjoyment.

1. Students must attend all scheduled classes from beginning to end, arriving on time. Randazzo Dance reserves the right to not admit latecomers of more than 15 minutes to reduce the risk of injury and to avoid distraction for fellow classmates.

2. Prior notification for all missed classes is required. Excused absences may be made up within the current semester, if a comparable class is available. Illness, physical injury, and family emergencies will be considered excused absences.

3. It is the responsibility of the dancer to make up missed lessons. Make-ups for missed classes must be taken during the current semester.

4. Frequent absences from classes may result in dismissal from class or performance privileges being revoked (i.e. Spring Showcase). Attendance at the last (6) weeks of classes of the Winter Semester and at the Showcase dress rehearsals is mandatory to avoid being subject to dismissal from the privilege of performing in the Spring Showcase.

5. No talking in class; no loud talking or running on the premises. No horseplay is allowed.

6. Students must be picked up promptly after class. Randazzo Dance is not responsible for unaccompanied children. Parents of small children are required to remain in the waiting area during class.

7. No smoking on the premises or immediately outside the main entrance.

8. Please obtain permission to bring visitors to the studio. All visitors are subject to these Studio Rules. Parents and other visitors may observe classes through the viewing windows; please do not stand in the studio entryways.

9. Food and drink are only permitted in the front reception area. This privilege may be revoked if bottles, food and wraps are not properly disposed of.

10. We are not responsible for valuables brought to the studio. Randazzo Dance offers no secured storage facilities for personal belongings or valuables.

11. Please protect your dance shoes and our floors by wearing street shoes to and from the Studio, and dance shoes only inside the building. No street shoes are to be worn on the studio floors at any time.

In addition, students should strive to:

  • ❖  Work to their full potential

  • ❖  Maintain a positive attitude when receiving correction in class

  • ❖  Maintain a courteous and considerate attitude towards classmates

  • ❖  Possess a dignified appearance by maintaining the highest level of personal hygiene

    Students/Dancers failing to comply with these rules may have their performance privileges revoked, or may be dismissed from Randazzo Dance.

    Parents/Guardians and Visitors failing to comply with these rules will be subject to dismissal from the premises including dismissal of the Student/Dancer.