Pilates can be an important part of a dancers cross training as it increases strength and flexibility simultaneously.

It targets the deep muscles closest to the spine which encourages proper alignment. 

Pilates draws your attention to creating a better balanced dancer.


"Today I encourage dancers to explore how Pilates can help them physically and mentally for their career. Pilates is an ideal form of complete body conditioning as the focus is on strengthening the deep support muscles and balancing all muscles groups around the joints of the entire body."


-Karen Kain, Artistic Director National Ballet of Canada


Reformer Pilates builds core strength, stability and mind body connections through use of STOTT pilates reformers. Reformers consist of a moving carriage, resistance springs, pulleys, and straps. The equipment uses your own body weight and leverage to perform the exercises. The work stretches and strengthens your  body in a totally different way than ever before. Exercise routines are designed based on the level of the class. The class will incorporate the use of resistance circles, flex bands, toning weight balls, 


Classes are $25 , Privates $50 To reserve spot email randazzodance@gmail.com    ATTN Sara

Monday 8:30am, 9:45 am

Wednesday 7:00 am