Ballet students are exposed to a syllabus unique to our school, which embodies elements from Cecchetti, Russian, Bournonville, and Balanchine styles. Starting as young as eight years old, Levels 1 through 3 are dedicated to the foundations of true ballet technique. Competency in basic elementary enchainement is nurtured during this time. Classes stress posture, strength, correct placement and use of the legs and feet, understanding of turnout, and simple arm and upper body positioning. Level 3 begins Intermediate work. Students are encouraged to commit more time to training in order to develop increased strength, flexibility, and stamina. Participation in multiple classes per week at this age will promote the necessary technical level and adequate strength and stamina to allow for pointe work. In Levels 4 through 6 the students are introduced to more complex classroom enchainements. Opportunities to learn and perform classical repertory and neoclassical and contemporary choreography are offered. In this phase of our program, students will acquire a more mature interpretation of dance as a performing art.